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The all wood call is where Flaherty Game Calls got their start. The all wood calls have been a favorite at Flaherty Game Calls because of their ability to produce some of the most realistic quacks, chuckles, and feed calls that any call can produce.  Because of its ease to master, this call has become a favorite for the less experienced caller. We feel that even the new hunter can blow this call with ease and in no time can be comfortable calling next to the experienced hunter.


If you are a hunter looking for a soft call that is easy to use then you can not go wrong with the all wood.  The wooden tone board gives these calls the realistic quacks needed for getting the ducks in close. These calls are easy to use for such calling techniques as the feed call, chuckle, and comeback call. The barrel and insert can be matched with the same wood or they can be fitted with our many types of woods. We use some of the finest exotic and domestic woods available. Our most popular wood call would have the be the cocobolo call, but we also carry other woods such as: maple, yellow heart, Osage orange, purple heart, black walnut, zebra wood and many others. Any call can be fitted with a polished brass, aluminum, or stainless steel band of your choice (built into price) which adds strength and style to the call and displays the Flaherty Game Calls logo.  We also offer custom laser engraving on the band for a nominal price.













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