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This is a very exciting addition to the Flaherty Game calls line!

Truly the best of both worlds here. The beauty of a wood call with the durability of an acrylic call. DymaLux turns like acrylic and finishes the same. No finish is required for these calls, just a good polish is all they need to acheave a high luster that should last for years.

"The result of a sophisticated manufacturing process, DymaLux TM  combines the dialectic properties and stability of thermosetting resins with the strength and toughness of wood fibers, creating a material that is beautiful, easy to work with and incredibly durable. Together, these properties make DymaLux TM a remarkably versatile product."     Laminates Afield, LLC

"SpectraPly is a dense, high performance laminate product that has the beauty and warmth of wood, but in a more durable, water-resistant form. SpectraPly┐ products are exceptionally easy to machine, allowing them to be used in a wide variety of applications by manufacturers, craftspeople, and hobbyists."  Laminates Afield, LLC



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